ScreenProtect pro

ScreenProtect pro

Monitors in the operating room - often a high cost factor

It is indisputable that things are not always quiet, especially in the areas of operation of the clinics. Hard movements often cause scratches and other damage to sensitive surfaces, especially monitors mounted on an arm. The result is severe limitations in image quality, so devices often need to be replaced or repaired after a short time.

The solution: Screen protection with ScreenProtect pro

ScreenProtect pro offers the perfect solution to ensure greater security and long-term cost savings: the screens are equipped by a specialist with an ultra-thin (0.05 mm) but extremely stable and tear-resistant film that protects the monitor over the long term. Under normal conditions of use, mechanical damage is now virtually impossible and unlike the use of curtain-type Plexiglas panels, image quality is maintained to the maximum.

Protective films for all types of monitors

Our films are used where monitors require special protection. ScreenProtect pro can be easily applied to almost any screen surface up to a diagonal of 70" - the selection of our products is correspondingly large. The production is always carried out according to the specifications of the different manufacturers and types, the lamination is carried out by a specialist directly on your premises. We will be pleased to inform you!

Advantages at a glance

  • Protection of your investment through long service life
  • High long-term cost savings
  • Familiarly brilliant image quality
  • Also available for 4K and 3D devices (no 3D properties limitation)
  • No loss of colour and transparency
  • No visual items due to the adhesive used
  • Unlimited cleaning possibilities, even with disinfectants