Sterilization validated in the operating room

Sterilization validated in the operating room

100% sterilization for greater flexibility in the operating room

STERTOUCH® PRO has been developed and patented for the sterilized operation of touch screens, touch pads and keyboards in sterilized and clean areas. A validated production and irradiation process reliability guarantees sterilization according to standards. The film layer system is arranged in such a way that even non-sterilized personnel can create a sterilized work area on the monitor or keyboard in a few time. The sterilized surface of the touch screen allows the surgeon to safely touch the monitors during the entire operation. The best possible use of technology for the benefit of the patient.

New film solutions for modern monitors

A simple disinfection of the monitors can reduce germs, but does not provide the necessary sterilization. While bag covers used to be a cumbersome method in the past, modern solutions are required in the era of Full HD and 4K. STERTOUCH® PRO uses a very high quality film that guarantees the desired success: optimal operation of the handling elements and unrestricted visibility with 100% sterilization. STERTOUCH® PRO films allow the touch screen surfaces to be used in the usual high quality.

Safe production in Europe

All STERTOUCH® PRO films are produced according to our specifications in Belgium and then processed and prepared for subsequent radiation sterilization in cleanrooms with germ reduction in Reichenbach in the Vogtland region. After validated irradiation, germs and other organisms are completely destroyed. This is the only way to guarantee that the film can be used sterilized at the site later.

Advantages at a glance

  • Safe storage thanks to validated additional sterilized packaging
  • Quick and easy application of the film
  • 100 % sterilization, 0 % germs (as defined)
  • No additional staff required for sterilized operation of software elements
  • Complete sterilized operation of touch screen monitors during surgery
  • Easy switching between patient and technique
  • Unlimited functionality of touch screen interfaces
  • Excellent image quality and performance of the elements on the monitor
  • Unrestricted patient safety
  • Easily and definitively free of film residues
Easy to use

Easy to use

Individually packaged films can be stored unsterilized, and the surface of the touch screen to be covered does not have to be pretreated. Before each operation, a new film is applied to...